ET 2D Frame V1.1

This module is an Excel® COM Add-in.  It has the
following features:

  • Up to 30 segments are allowed each with its own
    elastic modulus, area moment of inertia, cross
    sectional area, weight density, top and bottom
    fiber distances and distributed load with linear

  • Joints between segments can be either pinned or

  • Boundary conditions include simply supported,
    fixed, lateral spring, rotational spring, lateral
    displacement and rotation.

  • Loads include linear distributed, concentrated
    lateral and vertical forces, concentrated moment,
    concentrated weight and segment weight.

  • Solution types include static, modal natural
    frequencies (1st 5 modes), forced harmonic
    response and forced transient response. The
    latter two using the contributions from up to the
    1st 5 modes.

  • Output includes deflections, moments, shears,
    axial forces and top and bottom stresses versus
    time and position.

  • The deflected shapes can be animated.
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