XL 4 Simulation
This module is an Excel ® Macro.  It has the following

  • Joule heating of insulated copper power cable.

  • The copper conductor cross-sectional area
    and insulation outside diameter and thickness
    are user input along with ambient temperature
    and air flow conditions.

  • Solution options include forced air, steady-
    state convection; forced air, transient
    convection; steady-state natural convection,and
    transient natural convection.

  • Temperature dependence of copper resistivity
    based on the Copper Development
    Association data is included.  Air properties as
    a function of the film temperature are also

  • Surface and conductor temperatures are
    calculated. For the transient cases the
    temperatures are charted versus time.  Total
    heat load (W/m), convective heat transfer
    coefficient and copper resistivity are output.  
    For the natural convection cases an equivalent
    forced velocity is calculated and output.

  • For the transient cases the electrical current
    can be input as a table of current versus time.
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