XL 4 Simulation
ET Beam V1.1

This module is an Excel® COM Add-in.  It has the following

  • Euler beam solution.

  • Up to 15 segments are allowed each with its own
    elastic modulus, area moment of inertia, cross
    sectional area, weight density, top and bottom fiber
    distances and distributed load with linear variation.

  • Boundary conditions include simply supported,fixed,
    lateral spring, rotational spring, lateral displacement
    and rotation.

  • Loads include linear distributed, concentrated lateral
    force, concentrated moment, concentrated weight and
    segment weight.

  • Solution types include static, modal natural frequencies
    (1st 5 modes), forced harmonic response and forced
    transient response both using the contributions from
    up to the 1st 5 modes.

  • Output includes deflections, moments, shears and top
    and bottom stresses versus time and position.
Click on the links to download Excel 2003 beam examples.
Click on the links to download Excel 2003 beam examples.
Excel Com Addin beam module ribbon menu.
500 lb @ 54 Hz and 45 degree
phase angle.
1000 lb @ 37 Hz and 0 degree
phase angle.
Harmonic Response.
1st Mode at 37 Hz.
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